Over the years we’ve had quite a few requests for sheet music for our songs, which we’ve sadly never been able to fulfil as we always arrange collaboratively and almost never write anything down. However, we’ve now started the process of writing songs down in a format that we hope everyone can use. We are humbled that others would like to play our music, and we hope the sheet music is of help, whether at home, church or elsewhere. We really hope you enjoy playing our music.

There are 2 packages available for each song:


• PACKAGE 1 includes the bare bones: an accurate chord chart and notated vocal lead sheet.


• PACKAGE 2 includes package 1 plus a full score lead sheet and instrument parts. These give greater detail on what the melody instruments are doing for those who’d like to play some of the specific ‘Celtic Worship’ features of the song. There are parts for fiddle, whistle, and everything else needed depending on the song. We’ve included all the essential components of an arrangement whilst leaving room for performers to make their own mark as well.